Yeah try saying that three times… Come October it will be our second annual Halloween month of madness in which we review horror films, Podcast eat sleep and shit about Halloween and maybe even some commentaries?? All fun ghoulishness in the spirit of our favorite tine of the year. So keep any eye out for Filmcan.





I got around to seeing 2016’s reboot of the classic 1984 original today. I never had any issue with the reveal of the all female group but I never thought Paul Feig was a good fit. I wish someone like Edgar Wright would if taken the helm, someone more effects and scifi savvy and yet have a good sense of humor instead of Feig who is more of a comedians director wich lets the cast have to much adlibing and improvisation.This movie is more about letting the actresses have there quirky moments instead of focusing on actual character development and team bonding! The Villain Rowan Is nothing more than a sniveling loser angry no one ever gave him the time of day and now he weilds the power to control the dead…or some convoluted plot like that. The cameos by the remaining original cast were forgetful at best and sad to see. Good for Rick morranis for refusing to be in this travesty. Over all it’s a vehicle by Sony pictures to once again try to start a cash cow franchise and never really stops for one second to properlypay respects to the original source kind of like Starwars awakens does so well. If you are a fan of the originals don’t bother wait till its on cable or Netflix and give it a spin. If you don’t really care and just want to watch a mindless never ending SNL skit then have at it but even then the laughs are few and far In between. Overall it gets 2 cans out of 5!

Podcast Update
This is the first blog post and it’s just a quick one to let you guys know we’re moving our podcast to a different provider that’s why the hiatus, but it will be up and “fully operational” this week!

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